Memento Kalenia -Summer and Autumn 2023 summary


1 min read

Hello again!

The development of the game has been paused these months due to several personal issues that have occupied most of my time. Nevertheless, I plan to continue working on the game and a full demo, which release date I had to postpone.

Because of this delay, but in need of real player feedback, I'm opening an page to make it easier to share the game with voluntary testers. This is still an unfinished alpha! However, it is functional and has complete systems to try out.

Also, given that Godot 4 seems to be more stable after these months, I've decided to migrate the project to the new version from the current 3.5 I'm using. Taking advantage of this change, I'm also going to make some pending refactors to use better software design patterns. This will translate into slower immediate results, but better scalability and maintainability for the game in the development to come.

There are lots of improvements I'd love to make, not only on the game itself but on the website and social media accounts. They will be coming, slow but steady! For now, take this post as a sign of life and a promise of future news.

Thanks for reading!