Memento Kalenia - Devlog #1

Memento Kalenia - Devlog #1


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Hello everyone!

This is the first post I'm making about Memento Kalenia, the game I'm developing, and I'm pretty excited about it!

Memento Kalenia is a metroidvania focused on puzzles and platforming challenges. The story is about the relationship between a princess and the survivors of the destruction of her kingdom, Kalenia. The princess must save the memory of her people, in a journey to the desolate heart of the kingdom and her family's past, exploring the meaning of identity and belonging to a culture. The gameplay experience is centered on puzzles and platforming challenges with elements of action and boss fights.

It's at a very early stage of development and I'd like to get your feedback on the visual style. I'm developing almost the whole game by myself and I have no experience as an artist, so I've tried to get a simple style based on a reduced palette and good visual effects. What do you think?